Manage Your Campaigns

Our proprietary semantic technology is built to bring back control to product advertising. Automated campaign structuring and bid management let advertisers show the right product at the right time for the right bid - creating incremental gains on every transaction. Using Camato, our clients have seen an average of 30% improvement in ROAS.

Campaign Structure

Camato determines the ideal Shopping campaign structure for your business and continually adapts it to inventory and traffic levels. Designed specifically to drive performance by taking into account search intent signals, mobile traffic and audiences, the Camato Campaign Management platform automates your Google Shopping endeavors for maximum performance.

Campaign Structure

Bid Management

Google Shopping bid algorithms work differently from Search. Impression volumes are influenced strongly within a small bid range. Leaving that range is costly - bidding in a too low area makes you lose important reach, bidding in a too high area leads to unnecessary high CPCs without getting more impressions. Camato recognizes that point of inflection to prevent overbidding and avoids reaching a performance plateau with your campaigns.

Bid management

Integrate With Your Business

Retailers spend on average 40% of their budget to promote products which are running out of stock. By integrating data from your inventory systems directly into our tool, we can help you invest money in the right products at the right time.

Inventory Management

Influence how strongly you want to promote selections of your product inventory. Whether you want to promote special items on sale more aggressively – or adjust bids to be more cautious when low on stock for certain products: Camato gives you back control to actively balance short- and long term goals.

Customer Lifetime Value and Margin Tracking

CLV and margin tracking helps to identify your most loyal customers and make your campaigns more profitable. Camato allows you not only to track but to optimize based on these metrics, reducing potential wastage within your campaigns and improving the value of your shopping carts.

Harness Usable Data

With advanced segment analysis and direct connections to inventory, price and return data you’ll be able to maximize performance improvements and ROAS to an extent you’ve never thought possible. With Camato’s custom yield management analysis you’ll gain a new set of tools to win more business and beat the competition.


Camato gives you the ability to deep dive into unique buying segments, letting you know more about customer behaviors than any other shopping tool on the market.

Product Performance

People don’t necessarily buy what they click. Get the information you can’t see in AdWords. Camato helps you to find out what products really converted - from low to high aggregation levels: products, brands, colours and categories. Bridge the gap and see what your customers really bought.

Activity Stream

Stay informed about what happens in your accounts. Whether it is new brands or product categories entering the feed, or problems in the Google Merchant Center - Camato makes visible those easy-to-miss details that can make all the difference.

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